The world is progressing at a fast pace, and competition in the international market is increasing.

Corporations must be able to keep up with the ever-changing world where English is becoming more and more important.

Our services will prepare customized courses for your workforce with necessary English skills in the setting of your field of operations.


For an executive of a corporate today, being proficient in English is not only a matter of needing to communicate with business partners or clients but also a matter of reputation and confidence.

Not possessing proficient English skills may lead to potential partners not perceiving positively of you or it may lead to the breakdown of confidence in the international market where English is the main mean of communication.

Needless to say, proficiency in English means that you will understand much more of the information that flow in the business realm than you did before without having to rely on a third party.


With rapidly globalizing market in Thailand, companies will be demanding staffs with proficient English skills. Meeting these demands can lead to a higher income or bonuses from the company you are employed by.

English proficiency means you will also be able to communicate with your foreign peers that you will likely to come across through the AEC. Being able to sustain effective communication and confidence in your working environment that will be very useful and rewarding at all levels.

Industry Specific Training

For companyoperating in specific industries and people workingin them, English will be an important asset. In the connected world, where the exchanges of industry-specific goods, services, and ideas between different nations are inevitable, being proficient in English specialized for your field of work is the fastest way to understand and assimilate them to your companies.

For workers with specialized roles in the industry, knowing English is a certain advantage as you will most likely have to work with peers from other countries due to the internationalizing market.