We offer a wide variety of English language courses that aim to develop skills necessary to the workforce of the increasingly globalized economy where English is the universal medium of communication, including General English, Business English, and Industry-specific courses.

To prepare for multinationalism, we also offer a range of other languages, including Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

As for younger learners still in educations, we also offer preparations for standardized tests and various secondary education qualifications.


There is no doubt that English has become the world’s universal language, with English even being the default language of the AEC. The importance of English simply cannot be underestimated.

The majority of knowledge in any areas is recorded and communicated in English, so not only is English a priority in the modern economy but it also opens a new world of opportunities and perspectives for personal development.

We aim to make students comfortable in all four core skills so the students become more valuable and relevant member of the society and more explored individuals in the real world.


In the arena of competing Thai businesses nowadays, having staffs with proficient English skills is a priority to expand their businesses to an international level.

This becomes even more important considering the influx of foreign companies that is attracted to Thailand by the AEC. With integration of the workforces in Southeast Asian businesses through the AEC, English is particularly important in ensuring effective communication between people of different linguistic backgrounds.

We will prepare the students to be ready to face any challenges they may encounter in the business world.


With the size of over 20% of the world population and its long history, China’s influence on the modern world cannot be overstated.

As China grows, its culture, including the Chinese language, spreads along with it to every part of the world, including Thailand.

Fluency in Chinese will be a gateway to access all other aspects of China and its cultural and historical relationship with Thailand.

We aim to make students comfortable in all four core skills so the students can explore anything that China has to offer.


As one of the Thailand’s important political ally and one of its largest trade partner, China holds a lot of opportunities for Thai corporates. With China becoming more and more prominent as both Asia’s regional power and a major world power, relationship with China become inevitable.

In addition, Thailand’s tie with China only become stronger over the years. Ability to conduct business in Chinese will gain you an edge over others.


Whether you are applying to an international school, pursuing a higher education abroad, or seeking a better job opportunity, an English language test will normally be required, which will often be either IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC.

We will prepare you on all aspects for any of these tests, including the what are expected from the tests, vocabulary and grammar points, the skills needed to tackle each section of the tests, and even how to develop and apply your abilities outside of classroom.

Once you have completed our course, you will be more than ready to.


Though English is the universal language, there are many other languages that are also considered to be widely spoken internationally, including French and Spanish, which are recognized as the official languages of many multinational organizations like the UN.

Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are the regional languages, official languages of China and Japan, two major Asian economies, respectively.

Knowing any of these languages will provide the learners with even more opportunities and a new window to the world that may not be present before.


Many students who are currently in education or pursuing higher education will also be required to take other academic tests in addition to language ones.

If you are currently in an international school you may need assistance with the IB, IGCSE, or A-level curriculum.

If you are planning to study abroad, there will be a wide range of standardized tests that you may need to take for university admissions. These may include the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and BMAT.